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A San Antonio, Texas based diversified media company offering 
Business, Creative and Technical Production Solutions

Cerutti Productions offers high-end video production, post, editing and technical services in the San Antonio, Texas and surrounding markets for every major media market in the United States.

From the production of TV commercials and special effects for the Motion Picture industry to the logistical support and production of major sporting events, Cerutti Productions maintains a level of excellence and expertise that all our clients enjoy regardless of the size or duration of the project.

The firm's post-production and editing skills are so highly respected, that noted Directors, Producers, Advertising Agencies and Motion Picture Companies utilize Cerutti Productions to showcase their own work.  Interactive, TV and Motion Picture demo reels are produced in Texas for distribution in every major media market in the United States.  Direct access to Texas, New York and Los Angeles facilitates the firm's capacity to handle complete National project implementation from development, pre, production, post and terrestrial distribution. 

The firm provides complete human and physical assets to offer turn-key solutions on a permanent, temporary or project basis. 

Mr. Cerutti formally of New York City relocated the headquarters of Cerutti Productions to San Antonio, Texas to facilitate greater synergy between New York and Los Angeles, logistically.  The firm provides services to TV Networks, Advertising Agencies, Public Relations Firms, Motion Picture Companies, Major U.S. Corporations, MSO's as well as City, State and Federal Government Organizations seeking quality coordination and implementation of creative, business and technical production services in every major media market in the United States.  Texas Markets and related DMA's are offered enhanced editing capabilities comparable to other major New York and California facilities.

Special event coverage includes sports, news, corporate, public relations and product awareness.  Logistics include payroll services, wardrobe, makeup, functioning as employer of record, industrial and stock footage, personnel identification, remote uplink, terrestrial, Microwave and RF distribution.

Video library services include: 

Cerutti Proctions - Video Library Services

  • Duplication
  • Format Conversion
  • Storage
  • Cataloging
  • Restoration
  • All Film, Digital and Video Formats are Supported

To inquire about rates or additional capabilities please contact:

Mr. Marc Cerutti
Cerutti Productions, Inc.
18211 Bulverde Road #10202
San Antonio, Texas  78259-3625

Marc Cerutti Productions - San Antonio Texas Video Production and Post Production Facilities


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